Friday, April 2, 2010

Warrior Custom Golf Scam Ideas for your Golf Buddies

Did you miss out on all the fun that April Fool's Day brings? How about stretching the jokes and scams throughout this weekend. Here are a couple of ways that you can bring the fun of a April Fool's Day Scam to the golf course, by a free spirited Warrior Custom Golf golfer. Let's turn April Fool's Day into April Fool's Four Day Weekend. Being Easter Weekend almost everyone who golfs will try to fit in at least 9 holes over the next three days; that means, it is the ideal time to pull a scam on one your golf buddies.

Whether you are playing on one of the Warrior Custom Golf courses across the country this weekend, or simply playing with your custom built Warrior Golf clubs, it is important to remember that golf this weekend should be fun, and pulling a scam off on one of your buddies in your foursome will definitely enhance that fun.

Great ideas for Warrior Custom Golf Scams:
#1 Warrior Custom Golf Scam: Replace your buddies Warrior Custom Golf clubs that have a jumbo grip to a set of Warrior Custom Golf club set with smaller grips. Many golfers may not realize it, but the grip size can make a world of difference not only in your drives but your approach game as well. Watch your friend try to figure out if the club grips are right or if he is just having a really bad day.
#2 Warrior Custom Golf Scam: Another great subtle scam would be to adjust the weights in the clubs if he plays with the Extreme Series of Warrior Custom Golf clubs. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Technology is ideal for golfers looking to fix a hook or slice in their golf game, but if you set up the weights incorrectly, then the clubs will only enhance a player's tendencies.
# 3 Warrior Custom Golf Scam: This scam will take a little more familiarity between golfers. If you have a buddy in your foursome knows your game real well including how long you drive the golf ball on average; secretly purchase one of the new Tomahawk Drivers from Warrior Custom Golf and bet your golf buddy that you are feeling good and can add an extra 25 yards to your drive today. The fact is, with the new Warrior Custom Golf Driver, you will add an extra 20 to 40 yards to every drive; it is the longest hitting driver on the market with the long drive graphite shaft made by Harrison, coupled with the latest in golf technology and produced at a Tour quality.

Wishing everybody Fairways and Greens and a lot of fun this weekend on the golf course and with family and friends.